Coconut Chutney (Red)

Coconut Chutney (Red)

Coconut Chutney (Red) is a popular curry to use with idli, dosa, etc. This is a very tasty, easy to prepare curry recipe from South India. There are many versions of coconut chutney. It is called in chammanthi curry in malayalam. This recipe is very simple and also a commonly prepared curry for breakfast at homes of South India.

Preparation Time: 10 – 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 5 – 10 Minutes

Servings: 3 persons

Main Ingredients: Coconut

Cuisine: South Indian

Course / Category: Vegetarian, Curry


Coconut: 2 cups (grated)

Shallots: 6 – 7 numbers

Red chilly powder: ¼ teaspoon

Kashmiri chilly powder: ½ tsp

Mustard: ½ teaspoon

Curry leaves: 4 – 5 numbers

Oil: 1 tablespoon

Salt: as required

Method to Prepare Coconut Chutney (Red)

1. Grind coconut, shallots, red chili powder, kashmiri chili powder with little water.

2. Heat oil in a pan.

3. Put mustard & when it splutters add curry leaves & sauté then add 2 chopped shallots to it & fry.

4. To this add coconut paste with salt & little water in a semi thick consistency.

5. Saute well for 5 minutes & switch off flame.

Your coconut chutney is ready. Serve with dosa or idli. It can also be used as a curry for many other dishes. 

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