Ulli Vada (Kerala Style)

Ulli Vada (Kerala Style)

Ulli Vada (Kerala Style) is a tasty tea time snacks common in Kerala. It is available all over Kerala in all small tea shops. The taste is different in each shops. Here we are explaining recipe of a very tasty ulli vada.

Preparation Time: 5 – 10 minutes (needs to keep for 1 hour)

Cooking Time:  20 – 30 Minutes

Servings: 4 – 5 persons

Main Ingredients: Onion, Maida

Cuisine: South Indian, Kerala

Course / Category: Snacks


Onion: 4 numbers (big size)

Maida: 2 – 3 cup

Soda: 2 pinch

Green Chilly: 1 number

Ginger: a small piece

Salt: as required

Method to Prepare Ulli Vada (Kerala Style)

1. Chop onion (thin as possible), Green Chilly, Ginger

2. Mix the chopped items with Maida and Soda with water (The batter must not be very thin or very thick)

3. Keep the mixture for one hour

4. Heat oil in a pan

5. Take small amount of batter in palm, make a hole at the centre and put it in the oil for frying

6. Turn it so that both sides get fried well.

7. Remove it from the oil when Ulli Vada is ready.

8. Repeat for remaining batter. You can put more than one at a time depending on the amount of oil and size of vessel using for frying.

Your Ulli Vada is ready to serve. Serve it hot.

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