Kerala Porotta / Kerala Paratha

Kerala Porotta / Kerala Paratha

Kerala Porotta / Kerala Paratha is a common breakfast recipe or thattukada recipe in Kerala. It is one of the popular recipe in Kerala. This is a layered porotta recipe made with maida (all purpose flour).

Preparation Time: 15 – 20 Minutes (Needs keeping dough for 4 – 5 hours)

Cooking Time:  60 Minutes (1 hour)

Servings: 4 persons

Main Ingredients: Maida (All purpose flour)

Cuisine: South Indian, Kerala

Course / Category: Breakfast, Parties, Events


Maida (All purpose flour): 500 gms (1/2 kg)

Egg: 2 numbers

Milk: ½ cup

Sugar: ½ teaspoon

Salt: as required

Oil: as required

Soda (Optional): one or two pinch

Method to Prepare Kerala Porotta / Kerala Paratha

1. Beat Eggs in a bowl

2. Mix maida with beaten egg, sugar, milk, salt, soda powder and 3 to 4 table spoon of oil to form soft dough. Warm water can be used as required.

3. The consistency of the dough is such that it must be sticky and elastic. Make sure to pat the dough hard on a clean surface to make it soft.

4. Spread oil over it and cover it with a wet cotton cloth

5. Keep the dough for 4 to 5 hours.

6. Rub oil on a clean surface

7. Make balls from dough (as the size of a small orange) and spread oil on it

8. Roll the balls like chappathis in oval shape. Roll up to make it very thin as possible.

9. Spread oil on it and cut it lengthwise into two pieces

10. Make pleats so as to look like a handmade paper fan

11. Roll it close to look like a spiral and lock the end part by putting it inside to centre

12. Spread some oil on it and flatten it with hand

13. Put this on a pan on low flame and turn both sides till brown dots are arrived

14. After 5 – 6 porottas (parathas) are ready, place it one above the other, beat it on sides with both hands to get the layers separated.

Your Kerala Porortta is ready and serve with beef fry or beef curry or mutton curry or chicken curry or egg curry or brown chana curry etc.

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